Odyssey 1.4.9

In 1965, Stanley Kubrick directed “2001, A Space Odyssey”, which he co-wrote with Arthur C. Clarke. The space experience had never previously been filmed in such a way. Faithful to his brilliant and enigmatic cinematography, Kubrick turned his story into a mysterious paper chase to reveal the full extent and complexity of his subject: the human future. Half a century later, everything appears to have been said. There is nothing left to discover about the work.

In total immersion, between infinity and the absolute, “Odyssey 1.4.9” now proposes to return to the heart of the film by traveling through its interior. A virtual reality experience that will, beyond the invitation to travel that it supposes, not only clarify Kubrick’s monumental design, but also reveal one of the keys to the work that has never been brought up before.